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Propel Forward

The Next Generation of
Black Leadership

The first innovation hub built for the future of HBCUs.

U.S. Dept. of Education
Names PROPEL President
Dr. Lisa N. Herring Strategic Advisor to the Secretary

"I am incredibly eager to lead and work together to forge innovative, creative and student focused opportunities for scholars across our country through this collective work." - Dr. Herring

The HBCU Innovation Hub

Grants and Scholarships

Earn a scholarship or grant to fast-track your career. With a mentor and faculty by your side, the path forward will be clear.


Gain professional certifications through our virtual learning platform to develop your career.

Connect Stories

Go behind the scenes with industry experts to explore new career opportunities in your field of interest.

Faculty Fellowships

Enhance your effectiveness in class with this year-long program that includes a stipend, 60 hours of professional development, and financial support for travel.


Collaborate with industry experts to create curriculum that is challenge-based, relevant, and designed to meet the needs of our HBCU students.

Advisory Board

Bring your expertise and insights to PROPEL's curriculum, research, and grant activity to ensure the most promising and impactful projects move forward.

Innovation Center

Get professional training to start cultivating innovation at your HBCU institution.

Become a Partner

Accelerate student learning and achievement as a PROPEL partner and tap into our ecosystem of HBCU institutions.


Give HBCU institutions the tools to develop, implement, and maintain industry-aligned courses, programs, and support services.


Accelerate learning by offering mentorship pathways that connect partners with HBCUs.

Talent Pipeline

Create a robust pipeline of qualified and career-ready talent.


Provide partners with the tools, direction, and expertise to help HBCU students believe bigger.

Focused on the Future


Positioning HBCUs as innovators and storytellers, committed to building a community of tomorrow's leaders.


Opening doors with effective learning strategies that align with industry needs and trends.


Linking emerging leaders with faculty, industry experts, and community partners to propel HBCUs forward.

Career Development

Connecting HBCU students with internship programs and faculty with career advancing fellowships.

"PROPEL's aim is to equip our HBCU students with an exceptional learning edge, leveraging invaluable professional networks within the world’s most renowned and successful businesses and organizations."

Anthony Oni

PROPEL Board Chair

What Students are Saying

"It's been a life-changing opportunity."  -Grant Recipient


Propel yourself forward with a micro-credential course and get inspired by the stories of industry executives and entrepreneurs.


Work on a challenge-based impact project with industry and subject matter experts to become a leader in your field.


Download the app to explore courses, enroll or watch stories to connect.



Advancing racial equity by fostering equal opportunities and empowering HBCU students to succeed in the technology industry and beyond.


Promoting diversity and inclusion by celebrating underrepresented voices in the arts, media, entertainment, and hospitality industries.

Southern Company

Supporting HBCU students by empowering and uplifting underrepresented communities in their academic and career pursuits.