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The HBCU Faculty Fellows Academy (HFFA)

A commitment to academic excellence

Empowering Educators for the Future

We shape the leaders of tomorrow by creating a legacy of empowered educators who, in turn, empower generations. 

Igniting Excellence at HBCUs

We recognize the vital role HBCUs play in delivering quality education and preparing students for the dynamic demands of the modern workforce.

Elevating Education, Empowering Educators

As an educator, your passion drives innovation in the classroom. The HFFA program is designed to enhance your capabilities and amplify your impact. 

The HFFA Experience

Embark on a year-long journey of growth with the PROPEL HFFA program.

As a participant, you'll have the opportunity to:

Engage in up to 60 hours of comprehensive training, tailored to your growth trajectory.

Receive a generous $3500 stipend, acknowledging your commitment to excellence.

Enjoy dedicated travel support, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in the program's offerings.

Personalized Journey

Crafted for Success:
Our Curriculum

The curriculum at HFFA is curated by industry experts, blending theoretical insights with hands-on learning experiences. We understand that each educator's journey is unique, which is why our program emphasizes personalized support to help you thrive.

Nationwide Network

A Cohort of Diversity and Excellence

Join a vibrant community of educators from diverse disciplines and HBCUs spanning the nation. The collaborative atmosphere fosters cross-pollination of ideas, insights, and best practices, enriching your perspective and expanding your horizons.