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Who we are

The first innovation hub built for the future of HBCUs

The concept of PROPEL was born in 2019 as a proactive solution for systemic barriers impacting HBCUs. As the United States wrestled yet again with the turmoil of social injustice and historical inequalities, companies reacted by investing in equity approaches. Yet, there was still no comprehensive solution for workforce disparities.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: To create enduring prosperity and improve lives through transformative educational approaches.
Envisioned as an innovation hub that upskills and catapults Black talent from the HBCU ecosystem, PROPEL and founding partners Apple and Southern Company are committed to fostering a new generation of Black leaders via programming and workforce development.

To date, we've provided over 1 million dollars in scholarships and 4 million dollars in institutional grants. In an ever-changing world, PROPEL prepares HBCU talent for the future of work, today.


Accelerating innovation for all HBCUs.

With a cutting-edge virtual and physical learning center, Propel moves at the speed of technology to offer HBCU students the training they need to be leaders in the future workforce.

Cultivating tomorrow’s change-makers today.

PROPEL offers HBCU students comprehensive training and tools to catalyze their growth as creative, justice-minded leaders – who are fully equipped to change the world.

Connecting the HBCU ecosystem to opportunities.

PROPEL is the central hub to connect industry with the nation’s HBCU students. We partner with companies to offer programming and work-based learning experiences that prepare students for lasting success.

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