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Empowering Tomorrow's Entertainment Leaders

Cultivating Innovation and Career Excellence in the A&E  Industry Accelerator+


Applications will open in the Fall for the  2025 Industry Accelerator!

The  Arts and Entertainment Industry Accelerator

Gain access to early career opportunities and pathways through this immersive experience and hands-on training in entertainment and tech skills.



              What a success!
For two weeks Students developed strategies to utilize Arts and Entertainment to inspire solutions for underserved communities. Students were guided by industry mentors fueled by early morning wellness sessions, and inspired by one another as they sharpened their professional skill sets.
The Accelerator culminated with a showcase before industry experts. This effort was led by our Senior Director of Partnerships & Programs Joseph Barrett  & Team PROPEL .

Our 2024 students videos are coming soon! For now check out our amazing 2023 student videos.

Students To The Game Records

We are committed to cultivating and encouraging individuality. We stand behind all forms of creative expression, but still prioritize instilling integrity and humility in our clients. 

  • Artist - Noori Belai
  • Team Captain - Jordyn Taylor
  • Team Co-Captain - Jordan Dansby
  • Producer - Fresh Ayr @iamjoliver410

Jae Way

Gentrification has a profound impact on the lives of impoverished people It uproots communities and contributes to the socio-economic disadvantages they face. Due to exclusion and hindrances from others, these communities suffer from underrepresentation and limited opportunities for success. 

  • Artist - K.O. Mason
  • Team Captain - Jaeden H.
  • Team Co-Captain - Tierra J.
  • Producer - Fresh Ayr @iamjoliver410


HBCUDREAM, will aim to target high school juniors and seniors of underserved communities nationwide who embrace the virtues of scholarship, service, and public advocacy. 

  • Artist - OGDC
  • Team Captain - Kylen D.
  • Team Co-Captain - Princess Isis L.
  • Producer - Fresh Ayr @iamjoliver410


We have decided to focus on the societal issue of the social pressures of the entertainment industry. However, we have focused more specifically on violence, police brutality, black-on-black crime, and the "Get rich quick" culture. There are a variety  of outlets through which people of color are often subjected to social pressure, by the influences of the entertainment industry. 

  • Team Captain - Jakayla Coleman
  • Team Co-Captain - Zoi Latimer
  • Artist - Ryan Jov
  • Producer - Fresh Ayr @iamjoliver410