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Micro-credential courses available to HBCU students.

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Fall '23

Socially Just Coding: Develop in Swift

An 8-week course that teaches the foundations of coding with Swift, Apple's seamless and straightforward programming language. Through various projects, you'll learn about the impact of innovation while exploring iOS app development.

Fall '23

Pocket to Production: Creating Content

This course looks at the Black experience in cinema, music production, podcasting, live sound, and storytelling to equip you with the tools and resources to create authentic media content using Apple products.

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Fall '23

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This course explores the use of AI in different industries while highlighting its ability to mimic human intelligence and handle large data efficiently while discussing machine learning and deep learning as supporting technologies.

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Fall '23
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Discovering Your Professional Superpowers

Uncover your talents, build a professional brand, and navigate the job market. Through self-reflection exercises, discussions, expert lectures, and training, you'll develop your personal brand and master resume writing, networking, and interviewing to secure a position that aligns with your passions.

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Fall '23

The Art of Storytelling

Craft compelling, culturally relevant stories using tools like iMovie and Keynote. Learn screenwriting fundamentals, character development, and creative processes. Create scripts that showcase your narrative skills and produce polished films for a successful screenwriting career.

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