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Chart-Topping Strategies: Sonja Norwood’s Masterclass in Music Management

In the music industry, effective management is crucial. It involves guiding careers, developing strategies, and navigating the complexities of the business. Managers must understand industry trends, legal nuances, and technological advancements to successfully support their artists.

Sonja Norwood brings valuable insight from her experience managing the successful careers of her children, Brandy and Ray J, alongside other platinum-selling artists. 

She provides 5 keys for those aiming to succeed in music management or artists in search of a competent manager:

Continuous Learning & Education

The music landscape is perpetually shifting. Sonja advocates for ongoing education and a commitment to learning as indispensable.

Things like staying updated on musical trends, digital advancements, and the nuances of contract law are foundational to a manager's success.

Forging Strong Connections

In the music industry, relationships are some of your most valuable assets. Sonja highlights the importance of cultivating deep connections with a spectrum of industry figures, from artists to producers, to open doors and support you with seamlessly navigating the industry's ebbs and flows.

Building Resilience

The journey to music success is a rollercoaster of triumphs and trials. Sonja emphasizes resilience as crucial for both managers and artists, transforming every challenge into a growth opportunity.

Adapting to AI in Music Management

Sonja suggests leveraging AI, but doing so wisely. It's all about using tech to boost your creative game and work smarter, not letting it take over the unique human touch that makes music special.

Prioritize Your Publishing

Sonja sheds light on the significance of publishing credits—not just as markers of recognition but as vital income sources and acknowledgments of an artist's musical contributions. 

She urges artists to familiarize themselves with the business aspects of music to safeguard their interests and rights.

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