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There’s no doubt about it: AI is reshaping nearly every industry. You’re probably even hearing conversations about the potential threats and opportunities that the AI boom is bringing.

Change is coming fast.

In fact, 38% of employees expect their jobs to be automated in some way in 2023 alone. [1] The good news. Experts project that AI will create 12 million more jobs than expected [2], with experts suggesting the AI market will reach $407 billion by 2027.[3

That means career opportunities abound because the demand for AI specialists has already increased and will continue to rise. 

Below is a rundown of 20 in-demand AI careers (across a variety of sectors) that didn’t exist 5 years ago, and the skills you’ll need to prepare for them.

1. AI Content Creator

Why there’s a demand: A surge in personalized content and consumer engagement strategies across platforms like Spotify requires more intelligent and appealing content.

Responsibilities: Creating captivating, AI-generated content.

Skills You Need: Creativity, working knowledge of AI technologies, and familiarity with content creation tools.

2. AI-enhanced Filmmaker

Why there’s a demand: Streaming services use AI-driven insights to optimize content and enhance viewer satisfaction and need more skilled professionals to do this at scale.

Responsibilities: Use AI tools to optimize film production and scripts.

Skills You Need: Film production knowledge, creativity, proficiency in AI-based filmmaking tools.

3. AI Career Counselor

Why there’s a demand: Colleges and universities are recognizing the need for personalized career guidance for their student bodies.

Responsibilities: Use AI-driven tools to guide students towards fitting career paths.

Skills You Need: Counseling skills, understanding of job markets, and knowledge of AI applications in career planning.

4. AI Ethicist

Why there’s a demand: The rising prominence of AI requires ethical guidelines and practices so that the technologies don’t impede on people’s rights and privileges.

Responsibilities: Establish and implement ethical guidelines for AI.

Skills You Need: Ethical reasoning, knowledge of AI technologies, and strong analytical skills.

5. Robotic Process Automation Developer

Why there’s a demand: Industries want to increase efficiency and reduce costs using automation technologies. 

Responsibilities: Build and maintain automated processes and systems. 

Skills You Need: Programming, automation tool mastery, and analytical thinking.

6. AI Research Scientist

Why there’s a demand: Continuous advancements in AI require focused research to explore new possibilities and opportunities. 

Responsibilities: Conduct research to innovate AI technologies. 

Skills You Need: Research acumen, deep understanding of AI and ML, and analytical thinking.

7. Machine Learning Engineer

Why there’s a demand: The application of machine learning across industries demands specialized engineers. 

Responsibilities: Design machine learning models and systems. 

Skills You Need: Programming, understanding of ML algorithms, and analytical skills.

8. AI Data Analyst

Why there’s a demand: Businesses are prioritizing data-driven decisions, fostering a demand for analysts skilled in AI. 

Responsibilities: Use AI to analyze data for insights and trends. 

Skills You Need: Data analysis skills, AI tool knowledge, and statistical acumen.

9. Natural Language Processing Engineer

Why there’s a demand: The surge in conversational AI development is fueling the demand for NLP experts. 

Responsibilities: Create models that help machines understand human language. 

Skills You Need: Proficiency in NLP techniques, programming, and analytical skills.

10. AI Product Manager

Why there’s a demand: Products with integrated AI require specialized management. 

Responsibilities: Guide the development of AI-integrated products. 

Skills You Need: Product management, understanding of AI, and business acumen.

11. Computer Vision Engineer

Why there’s a demand: Advanced image recognition and processing technologies are opening opportunities in sectors like healthcare. 

Responsibilities: Develop systems that allow machines to process visual information. 

Skills You Need: Mastery in computer vision techniques, programming, and analytical skills.

12. AI Software Developer

Why there’s a demand: The integration of AI in software demands developers skilled in AI. 

Responsibilities: Craft AI-enhanced software solutions. 

Skills You Need: Programming, AI and ML knowledge, and software development proficiency.

13. AI Sales Consultant

Why there’s a demand: The rising adoption of AI solutions in businesses requires expert consultants.

Responsibilities: Advise on and sell appropriate AI solutions to businesses and organizations. 

Skills You Need: Sales expertise, AI technology knowledge, and customer service.

14. AI Customer Service Representative

Why there’s a demand: Increasingly, the industry is turning to AI to enhance customer interactions. 

Responsibilities: Use AI tools to improve service delivery and assist customers. 

Skills You Need: Customer service, familiarity with AI tools, and communication skills.

15. AI Hardware Specialist

Why there’s a demand: Growing AI technologies demand specialized hardware. 

Responsibilities: Design hardware that supports AI applications. 

Skills You Need: Expertise in hardware design, understanding of AI technologies, and analytical skills.

16. AI-based Cybersecurity Analyst

Why there’s a demand: Advanced threats require sophisticated AI-based defense strategies.

Responsibilities: Secure networks and systems using AI tools.

Skills You Need: Cybersecurity knowledge, understanding of AI applications in security, and analytical thinking.

17. AI Music Composer

Why there’s a demand: The music industry is exploring AI to compose unique tunes and enhance music production.

Responsibilities: Create music using AI tools.

Skills You Need: Musical talent, understanding of AI applications in music, and creativity.

18. AI Agricultural Analyst

Why there’s a demand: The agriculture sector is embracing AI to optimize farming practices and enhance yields.

Responsibilities: Use AI to analyze agricultural data and improve farming.

Skills You Need: Understanding of agriculture, knowledge of AI tools, and analytical thinking.

19. AI Health Diagnostician

Why there’s a demand: Healthcare is turning to AI for early and accurate diagnosis of diseases.

Responsibilities: Use AI tools to analyze health data and diagnose conditions

Skills You Need: Medical knowledge, expertise in AI tools, and analytical skills.

20. AI Fitness Trainer

Why there’s a demand: The fitness industry is leveraging AI to provide personalized training and nutrition plans.

Responsibilities: Utilize AI to create personalized fitness plans.

Skills You Need: Fitness knowledge, understanding of AI applications in fitness, and interpersonal skills.

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