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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: What's Propel All About?

Picture this: a hub of innovation, an epicenter of learning, and a launchpad for future leaders, all rolled into one groundbreaking initiative. That's Propel for you!

Thanks to the visionary support of our founding partners, Apple and Southern Company, Propel has emerged as the beacon of opportunity for the entire HBCU community

 The Propel Center is our digital embodiment of innovation.  

With transformative curricula and unparalleled leadership prospects, we're all about nurturing the next generation of Black trailblazers.

Igniting Brilliance: The HBCU Faculty Fellows Academy

The HBCU Faculty Fellows Academy (HFFA) is turning heads and changing the game! This flagship initiative is lighting the path for HBCU faculty members. Imagine a year-long program that equips educators with the skills they need to conquer the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our dynamic participants (that's right, a select group of 25!) have been chosen – up to 60 hours of professional development, a generous $3500 stipend, and the chance to expand their horizons  through supported travel. Crafted by industry moguls, HBCU faculty, and workforce wizards, HFFA's curriculum is your one-stop-shop for staying ahead in the tech world.

Meet the Visionaries Leading the Way

Two names that need no introduction: Dr. Camesha Whittaker and Dr. Carl Moore.  Dr. Whittaker, our Senior VP of Innovation and Design, is the driving force behind Propel's vision to revolutionize learning. And then we have Dr. Moore, Propel's very own Executive Fellow, contributing his expertise to steer us toward excellence.

Your Gateway to Excellence: The Learning Innovation Center

Get ready to turbocharge your professional journey at Propel's Learn! As if guided by the stars, our platform offers HBCU partners an array of development programs and services that cater to every facet of growth. From cultivating leadership prowess to aligning faculty development with industry demands, we've got it all covered.

Our mission is to arm educators with the tools and resources they need to craft cutting-edge courses, programs, and support services. Because when our faculty thrives, our students shine even brighter.

So, there you have it, folks – a sneak peek into the realm of Propel, where innovation meets education, and excellence knows no limits. Stick around as we take you on a journey through

the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge and empowerment. Until next time, keep soaring high with Propel! 

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